Technical Data Support - United States Marine Corps

S&K Logistics Services provides technical data support to the US Marine Corps, including development, production, validation, and provisioning for fielded platforms in multiple mission areas. Our team meticulously employs Quality Assurance Surveillance Procedures to ensure quality products are delivered to deployed and supporting USMC forces.

Technical data provided by S&K Logistics Services includes:

S&K Logistics Services provides facilities to store and analyze equipment, allowing our technical data professionals ready access to the platforms being supported. This hands-on access during technical manual development ensures direct, practical application to warfighters who rely on accurate information to employ equipment in the fulfillment of their mission.

Currently, our team is formulating, converting, and sustaining technical data for Medium Crawler Tractors (MCT), Multi-Purpose Tractors, Crew Protection Kits (CPK), and a variety of Engineered Equipment Trailers.