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S&K Logistics Services has the experience and performance history to tackle your mission-critical projects. Browse our extensive list of services below, and contact us if you have any questions or if we can be of assistance. Please also download our Terms and Conditions.


Cost Effective Supply Chain Management

Legacy System Sustainment

Technical Data Formulation, Conversion, and Sustainment

Technical Personnel Provision

Defense and Security System Maintenance

Local Forces Platform and System Training

Technical Data Formulation

Technical Data Formulation, Conversion, and Sustainment

Operations Manual Management
S&K Logistics Services Technical Data professionals will develop and manage data and documents to operate, maintain, repair, overhaul, operate, finance, and supply practically every North American built weapons platform. We provide industry leading solutions to ensure your personnel have the technical information they need in the format they need it.

Our comprehensive technical data services include:

  • Researching and analyzing source data for completeness and accuracy
  • Authoring data into descriptions, explanations, procedures, lists, audits and other formats
  • Developing technical illustrations and engineering drawings
  • Converting existing data into specified formats
  • Digitizing technical data or providing paper outputs to meet the specific needs of our customers
  • Creating and sustaining technical databases using open source, non-proprietary software
  • Updating and versioning technical information as data is developed

S&K Logistics Services brings to you the full benefit of years of successful technical data formulation and management, including:

  • Technical Illustration – Engineering drawings and technical documents for maintenance, repair, overhaul, operations, weapons systems management, and wiring diagrams. We work with a variety of illustration software systems, including ISO Draw, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Visio, Publisher, and PhotoShop.
  • Technical Writing - Creation and formatting of repair manuals, document verification, technical data management and updates. Our instructional and repair manuals include research and analysis of source data, authoring data into descriptions, explanations, procedures, lists, audits and other formats. Topics cover maintenance, repair, overhaul, operations, finance, logistics and engineering technical data used in support of aircraft, missiles, or other weapon systems, including associated training, ground support equipment and mission support equipment.
  • SGML Tagging - Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML) tagging architecture to develop electronic technical manuals by converting paper-based technical manuals to SGML tagged electronic documents. SKLS performs this service in support of the EC-130 Compass Call Program and sustains Organizational Maintenance Manual Sets within the United States Air Force. We bring a thorough knowledge of the architecture's structural elements. Once tagged, documents are incorporated and sustained in a dedicated database.
  • Document Digitization and Conversion Services - Turn technical documents into an updated digital format that meets the specific demands of each of our customers. Documents are scanned and clarified using Photoshop, then converted into digital pages using FrameMaker technology. We also convert photographic halftone illustrations and poor quality raster line drawings to vector graphics format.