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S&K Logistics Services has the experience and performance history to tackle your mission-critical projects. Browse our extensive list of services below, and contact us if you have any questions or if we can be of assistance.


Cost Effective Supply Chain Management

Legacy System Sustainment

Technical Data Formulation, Conversion, and Sustainment

Technical Personnel Provision

Defense and Security System Maintenance

Local Forces Platform and System Training

Supply Warehouse

Cost Effective Supply Chain Management

S&K Logistics Services is committed to getting your aircraft and ground vehicle support components to your point of use with the greatest efficiency and least expense possible. We bring established relationships with over 400 component supply and repair vendors to your mission, and will provide verifiable performance history of reducing cost and turnaround times, while improving quality, any time you wish to see it.

SKLS logisticians are true professionals who average over 20 years of logistics experience each. Our comprehensive supply chain management services include:

Understanding your need

Understanding your systems and platforms operational readiness needs, geographical deployments, and existing support infrastructure

  • Usage analysis for major and minor systems and components
  • Analysis of physical facilities required to support system readiness
  • Projecting human support requirements for supply, maintenance, and program management
  • Understanding all governing regulations and quality system requirements

Planning the support mission

  • Identifying and communicating with all required supply and repair sources
  • Scheduling procurement and delivery of new and repaired components, support equipment, and supplies
  • Identifying physical facilities along with scalable storage and distribution services
  • Formulating training and maintenance plans, and generating hiring plans to fulfill them
  • Producing regulatory compliance plans

Fulfilling your mission

  • Secure physical support facilities
  • Procure, store, and deliver systems and components
  • Hire and train required personnel
  • Employ program controls to ensure efficient performance
  • Measure performance, adjust as necessary, and improve continuously

Most importantly, our industry leading supply chain management solutions have proven to be the most cost-effective available in the worldwide defense systems logistics market. We operate with as little overhead as possible, eliminate waste and redundancy at every possible turn, and expend our energy focusing on one goal – to keep your defense and security systems mission ready.

S&K Logistics Services has a $250.00 (USD) minimum order requirement.